Earn Extra $5 Per Sale As A Bonus
(On Top Of The 75% Commission)

New Bonus Program

Now on top of the 75% commission, I'll send you a bonus when you make more than 90 sales per month.

Here's how it works:
Make more than 90 sales per month and I'll send you an extra $5 per sale as a bonus. This is On Top Of The 75% Commission.

Monthly Sales Commission Your bonus payout Monthly Total
90 $3,045 $450 $3,495
180 $6,090 $900 $6,990


• You are not allowed to use multiple Clickbank ID's

• Refunded sales and charge backs do not count towards your total sales count.

• Bonus payout's will be paid by the 20 day of the following month.

• A reserve amount may be held to cover future refunds. This amount will vary depending on your sales volume.

• This bonus payment scheme is valid from November 1st 2009.

• Back end sales and discount sales do not count towards the total sales count. For example, only item 1 sales will count. (Clickbank ID #1)

• All bonus payout's must be claimed within 20 days of the following month. If this does not happen you will not get your bonus for that month.

To claim your bonus please contact us . Provide your Clickbank ID, your paypal email and the number of sales you have made for each of the products that count towards your total sales. We will reply asap and send your payment through within 5 days. Remember, we may hold a reserve for up to 8 weeks to cover refunds.

To your success,
John Metz



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